O U R    V I S I O N

We as architects, are driven by the belief that our surroundings directly influence the quality of our lives, whether in the work place, at home or in the public spaces in between. This emphasis on the social dimension is fundamental to our design philosophy, which takes as its starting point - the acknowledgement that architecture is generated by the needs of the people, needs that may be spiritual as well as material.

Not only buildings but the quality of the urban environment affects our well-being. This concern for the physical context has produced a diverse portfolio of projects which are united by their sensitivity to the culture and climate of place, and by their desire to bring a new quality of life to their users and the context they inhabit.

Each of our projects is the outcome of a demanding series of selection processes and each is developed along important contemporary political and social parameters. It is an “iterative process” rather than linear. We work to no preordained formula, and deliberately do not repeat old projects in new contexts, but instead respond uniquely to the specific demands of project and place. The result is often a building or structure which becomes, over time, a familiar and symbolic landmark emblematic of the place and respecting the “Genius Loci”. Such projects herald a degree of innovation – sometimes social, sometimes technological, often formal and particularly successful when these occur together.