R A J U    S I V A R A M A N

M.Sc.(Arch) F.I.A. (SL)

Ar.Raju Sivaraman, Architect by profession, is a Post Graduate in ‘Architecture’ and is a member of the following prestigious institutions;

1. Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (F.I.A)
2. Indian Institute of Architects.

Began his professional career in the Buildings Department and State Engineering Corporation, Sri Lanka. He worked extensively under Senior Architects in a variety of building projects -- gathering skills and experience and moved on to form his own Architectural practice. From his humble beginning of designing houses and offices, he worked his way up with focus, foresight and dedication to become a multifaceted professional who designs: hotels, temples, commercial buildings and high-rise apartment complexes both in Sri Lanka and India. The hall mark of Sivaraman’s 25 years career has been his ability to translate his clients’ requirements into an architecturally sound and aesthetically pleasing reality.Mr. Sivaraman is closely associated with the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA), and has served as the Treasurer, a Council Member and the Secretary to the Board of Management for over six years. He is also the Principal Consultant of the foreign architectural company: Arch-Triad Consultants (Pvt) Ltd of India. Further, he has served as a Director in the Design Centre, Road Development Authority (RDA), Bank of Ceylon in Sri Lanka, Mercantile Credit of Sri Lanka, Ceylease Financial Services, and National Police Commission of Sri Lanka..As for his leadership -- his full commitment to architecture and management keeps everything in order at Arch-Triad, and his presence, touch and expertise is felt at every level of all the projects executed.